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(1) Items to Consider Before Making an Appointment:

We are a nonprofit designed to provide low-cost sterilization surgery through a MOBILE SURGERY VAN with the goal of decreasing pet overpopulation. We do NOT provide grooming, wellness checks, vaccine boosters or emergency surgeries.  Our surgery is different than a full-service Veterinary Hospital as we do NOT provide:  Presurgical labwork, Heartworm testing/Feline viral testing to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions, nor are IV catheters/fluids provided during surgery.  We have no office to provide care beyond the day's surgery.  By admitting your pet to our Program, you accept the increased risk to your pet and agree to not hold Operation SOS or the sponsoring municipalities liable for surgical complications not directly related to the surgery.  In addition, you MUST follow the rules of our Program, respecting the serious nature of Surgery and Dr. Kittams' licensure: 


  • You must be at the van with your pet between 8-9am. Respecting the serious nature of surgery, we do not accept late-arrivals. 

  • You must be available to pick up your pet no later than 4pm. Failure to do so will result in your pet impounded at the local Animal Control facility.  You will be responsible for all fees and fines if we are forced to surrender your pet.  

  • You must be able to confine your pet for 10 days post-surgery and monitor the incision site. This does not apply to feral cats.

  • You must pay a deposit to hold a surgery slot. If you no-show/no-call this deposit is considered a non-refundable donation. We will NOT reschedule.

  • You must call 72 HOURS BEFORE the surgery day if you need to reschedule. We will reschedule only once.  It will be at our discretion if we choose to reschedule your appointment. Please respect and follow through on your commitment to surgery.  

(2) Pet Qualifications

(3) Client Qualifications

*Between 2 lbs to 75 lbs of weight
*Between 3 months and 7 years of age
*Males must have both testicles descended
*Dogs must be presented on leash
*Cats must be in a carrier with towel.

You must be 18 years or older.
ou must show proof of income-qualifications and you must bring this documentation with you the day of surgery.
Documents include, but are not limited to:

*1040 Tax Form showing Income below National Poverty Level
*WIC            *Veteran            *Medicaid/Medicare 
*Disability     *Food Stamps    *Unemployment 

(4) Day of Surgery:

  • No breakfast for Dogs over 4 months old

  • Always offer water: Do NOT withhold water EVER.

  • Check-in:  Dogs 8-8:30am.   Cats: 8:30-9am

  • NO late arrivals will be accepted.

  • Stay in your car until you are directed by Staff to do otherwise. Highly aggressive dogs are present, potentially endangering you/your pet. We are not responsible for dog attacks if you approach the Van with your pet without Staff direction. 

  • We cannot accept anyone but the Pet Owner signing the legal consent forms. If you are sending someone else to drop off your pet, you must make arrangements beforehand. 

  • Come with patience: you will be checking-in with twenty other pet owners.  Check-in will take thirty minutes. Plan accordingly. Do NOT expect us to expedite check-in to accommodate your schedule. Our intake process is vital to communication and patient safety. 

(5) Schedule Surgery *


If you still have questions, please call between 9am-4pm Wed-Sat.
If we do not answer, please leave a message, as we are likely in surgery. 

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