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Operation S.O.S. touts an Extraordinary group of behind-the-scenes Professionals:

Dr. Julie Kittams, Lead Veterinarian

          If you don't find Dr. Kittams at 8am sweating it out loading over 300# of furry friends on to the surgery van, you will find her ocean-kayak-bound with her pal, Skipper the kayaking terrier, Okeechobee Animal Control Rescue-special.  Dr. Kittams' past is full of international animal causes, leadership in a City of a million, and a fan-club of colleagues supporting her dreams. Dr. Kittams aspires to every surgery as a work of Art: Tidy little incision and a pain-free Patient.  Her entire 20 year+ career has been to provide affordable veterinary care to the underserved.  She is the Visionary of this Organization. 

Maddie Lavial, Lead Technician

           Maddie is a future Veterinarian in-the-making. She is working on finishing her Bachelors degree at IRSC.  She works full-time, working to keep the surgery days organized and efficient.  She is small, but mighty, taking on the biggest dogs and most feisty cats with care and kindness. She likes to ride/train horses, hike with her pals Whiskey and Christian, and pursue creative endeavors.  She is the Helping Hands of this Organization.

Brian Bohmueller, President

             Brian brings compassion and reason to bear in his Operation SOS role. With a background in mechanical engineering, science education and information tech, he leverages his expertise to streamline board efforts, website design and public relations. He is also a regular when it comes to volunteering on the van. On a personal level, Brian lives a vegan and humanist lifestyle, recognizing the imperative for progressive animal rights and planetary environmental health. He represents the Conscience of this Organization. 

Joanne Bury, Treasurer

            You cannot have an interaction with Ms. Bury and not recognize she is a Powerhouse.  She owned/operated a successful Physical Therapy practice in Stuart for over forty years after a distinguished military career.  Who can tout they treated Eisenhower?!  In retirement, Ms. Bury was the Board President of the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, along with the Director of the Martin County BOCC Animal Welfare Committee.  She tells you like it is and keeps our ducks in a row.  We are honored to benefit from her lifetime of medical and professional experience, as she is the firm Heart of this Organization. 

Dr. Sara Mathews, Veterinary Advisor

            Dr. Mathews daily navigates uncharted waters.  She is a true animal advocate.  Her work from Saint Lucie to Indian River county has put animal welfare issues squarely on Municipalities.  She is willing to take bold stands for community cats and humane care using her clout to change ordinances and government policy.  Shackles, fines and attorneys do not deter her from establishing the Truth. She is the fierce Compassion of this Organization.

Holly Ann Shearin, Secretary

            Holly is a dedicated pet lover with an enormous background in animal care. She has worked as a lab animal technologist (RLATg certified), a vet technician and has run independent pet sitter business for many years. Her resourcefulness and devotion with regards to pet welfare is insurmountable. On a personal level, Holly has four furry animal companions, two dogs and two cats, all of them rescues. She embodies the Empathy of this organization.

We are always looking for Board members committed to animal welfare and willing to volunteer their time for Van Outreach days.  Email us at We are excited to have our Organization grow by paws and whiskers.

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