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We are excited you are interested in sterilizing your pet! 

We are a small nonprofit employing three hard-working Staff doing inspired generous work. We are a well-oiled machine performing over 20 surgeries daily with no hired receptionist to return your calls. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE AND READ EVERYTHING THOROUGHLY. 

Please take the time to proceed completely through STEPS 1, 2 and 3.  At the end of Step 3, if you are still interested in our program, you will make an appointment.  We communicate with you via email, so be sure to leave us your email address!  In conclusion, if you can afford your regular Veterinarian, we encourage you to do so. Our nonprofit was founded to provide services to low-income families.

Time to get 'em Fixed!

Where do you live?

If you do not know what jurisdiction you live in, Please check below

Program without residency requirement:

Once you are clear what jurisdiction you fall under, proceed to STEP 2 to review our Calendar.  We generally book out three to four weeks in advance.

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