Look for the big white van!

Client Qualification for Services

Cost for Surgery

Dog:  $100

Cat:   $50


The price includes:

Rabies Vaccination

24Hr PetWatch Microchip

Pain medication for dogs over 35#

Pet owners must show proof of income-qualifications.  Documents include, but are not limited to:

      * Taxes showing Income below National Poverty definition    *WIC     *School Lunch     *Student ID

      * Medicare     *Medicaid     *Disability     *Food Stamps     *House of Hope Client​     *Veteran

Additional Services

Rabies 1 year Vaccination   $10

DAPP Canine vaccination    $10

RCP Feline vaccination        $10

Elizabethan Collar                 $10

Martin County Licensing

City of Fort Pierce Licensing

Pet Qualifications

Between 2# to 80# of weight

Between 8 weeks and 10 years of age

Males must have both testicles descended

Dogs must be presented on leash

Cats can be in a carrier or a pillow case: Inform us if

      you need either. We can assist. 

Items to Consider before making an appointment:

* You must be at the van with your pet between 8-8:30am

*You must be available to pick up your pet between 2-4pm

*You must be able to confine your pet for 10 days post-surgery and monitor the incision site. This does NOT apply to feral cats.

Day of Surgery:

No Breakfast for patients over 4months old

Water is allowed

Long walk for dogs

Leave your pet in the car until you are            checked in.

Vouchers we accept:

         City of Fort Pierce

         Operation CatSnip

Each voucher has its own requirements and services.  Please refer to these Organizations for their restrictions.