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Client Qualification for Services

Pet owners must show proof of income-qualifications.  Documents include, but are not limited to:

      * Taxes showing Income below National Poverty definition    *WIC     *School Lunch     *Student ID

      * Medicare     *Medicaid     *Disability     *Food Stamps     *House of Hope Client​     *Veteran

Pet Qualifications

Between 2# to 80# of weight

Between 8 weeks and 10 years of age

Males must have both testicles descended

Dogs must be presented on leash

Cats can be in a carrier or a pillow case: Inform us if

      you need either. We can assist. 

Vouchers we accept:

         City of Fort Pierce

         Operation CatSnip

Each voucher has its own requirements and services.  Please refer to these Organizations for their restrictions. 

Cost for Surgery

Dog:  $100

Cat:   $50


The price includes:

Rabies Vaccination

24Hr PetWatch Microchip

Pain medication for dogs over 35#

Additional Services

Rabies 1 year Vaccination   $10

DAPP Canine vaccination    $10

RCP Feline vaccination        $10

Elizabethan Collar                 $10

Martin County Licensing

City of Fort Pierce Licensing

Look for the big white van!

Day of Surgery:

No Breakfast for patients over 4months old

Water is allowed

Long walk for dogs

Leave your pet in the car until you are            checked in.

Items to Consider before making an appointment:

* You must be at the van with your pet between 8-8:30am

*You must be available to pick up your pet between 2-4pm

*You must be able to confine your pet for 10 days post-surgery and monitor the incision site. This does NOT apply to feral cats.

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