Are you caring for a feral, or "Community"cat?

Where do you live? 

*City of Fort Pierce*

Call Scott Coccoli, the Community Cat Coalition contact, to organize trapping/transport and scheduling surgery. (772)249-6949. This FREE program requires all cats receive an ear tip, microchip and rabies vaccination at the time of surgery.

Operation SOS  is a Florida-registered 501(C)(3) Organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

*City of Port Saint Lucie*

 We are proud to be a provider for Community cats in this area.  When you make an appointment, choose the 'Community Cat' package under 'Surgery Package.'  It is at no-charge to care-takers.  Please be aware: EVERY cat under this program will have a 1/4" of its left ear removed, along with microchipping and rabies vaccination.  There are NO exceptions.  We will assume the cat lives outdoors and is part of a managed, fed colony. We will NOT accept owned-cats under this program.  For the safety of our staff, please present the cat in a TRAP. If you are unable to provide a trap, please call our coordinator, Scott Coccoli, at (772)249-6949.  

*St. Lucie County*

As of October 2019, the County is diligently working on a resolution to adopt a Community Cat spay/neuter program.  Please stay-tuned for updates.  

*Okeechobee County*

This municipality does not support a Community Cat program, despite its incredibly large stray cat population. Please contact your Commissioner to voice concern there is no effective population control plan slated for cats. 


*Martin County* 

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast partners with Animal Control to provide sterilization surgery.  Call this Organization at (772)223-8822.


*Indian River County*

Go to  Dr. Dan's Animal Hospital hosts low-cost surgery for Community Cats.

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Saving the Abandoned