Are you caring for a feral, or "Community"cat?

We will do our best to assist you, BUT you must accept we have a bare-bones VOLUNTEER group of two individuals willing to take time on their personal days-off to assist in trapping cats. DO NOT trap a cat and call as if it is now a crisis.  We book our surgery dates TWO WEEKS in advance.  PLAN AHEAD.  Once you trap a cat without a plan, you now have created a situation wherein we may not be able to trap said-cat again.  In deep respect for Volunteer willingness to gift their time, vehicle, gas and home to store cats prior to surgery, you MUST follow through on direction they give regarding feeding and trapping.  We receive NO FUNDING to provide this complimentary service. We DO NOT adopt, rehome or remove cats.  All cats trapped will be returned to the location they are trapped with NO exceptions. In short, please be incredibly respectful of those willing to help.  If you fail to follow through on phone calls, feeding or other requests, we reserve the right to no longer assist.

Where do you live? 

Operation SOS  is a Florida-registered 501(C)(3) Organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

*City of Port Saint Lucie & St. Lucie County & City of Fort Pierce*

 We are proud to be a provider for Community cat sterilization in these areas. We ask you work with our trappers to be sure proper protocols are followed. Please be aware: EVERY cat under this program will have a 1/4" of its left ear removed, along with microchipping and rabies vaccination.  There are NO exceptions.  We will assume the cat lives outdoors and is part of a managed, fed colony. We will NOT accept owned-cats under this program.  Two volunteer organizations, receiving no funding for their services, can help.  Please be respectful of their time.

Operation CatSnip:(772)293-4621

Community Cat Coalition of the Treasure Coast:(772)245-0577

*Okeechobee County*

This municipality does not support a Community Cat program, despite its incredibly large stray cat population. Please contact your Commissioner to voice concern there is no effective population control plan slated for cats. 


*Martin County* 

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast partners with Animal Control to provide sterilization surgery.  Call this Organization at (772)223-8822.


*Indian River County*

Go to  Dr. Dan's Animal Hospital hosts low-cost surgery for Community Cats.

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Saving the Abandoned